Patient Participation Group

Welcome to the Patient Participation Group’s (PPG) Page

What is a PPG?

PPGs offer views on a GP’s services from the patients persepective.  To deliver high quality services, it is important that GP Practices involve patients and the public in making decisions about services and evaluating their success.

PPGs are defined as ‘critical friends’ within the practice environment, to ensure that services are responsive to patients’ needs, and that they improve over time.  Every PPG is unique, evloving to meet local needs.  They carry out research, hold health awareness and information events, support the practice in its dealings with other bodies, and carry out patient surveys.  Most commonly they find out what the patients think, and meet regularly with the Practice Manager, GPs and other staff, to identify improvements and sometime contribute towards carrying out change.  Groups also provide support to individual patients, helping them make informed decisions about managing their health conditions, and show people where to find additional services and support in the community

Who Are We?  

Just like you, we are patients of the practice and members of the community

Mrs. Lilian Barker M.B.E. – Chair, Mrs Linda Banks Vice Chair, Mrs. Pat Trow – Secretary, Treasurer Mrs. Margaret Fogg, Vice Treasurer Cllr. Mr. David Leech,  Mrs Debra Baxter. Mrs. Michelle Vernall – (Assistant Practice Manager & Surgery Representative) and Mrs Sharon Shotton – (Practice Manager).

Contacting the PPG?

If you wish to contact the PPG, please do so via the surgery itself.  Please mark your envelope ‘F.A.O. The PPG’ and send/hand in to the surgery.  Will will respond as soon as possible, once received by ourselves.

If you would like to know more about our work, please take a look at ‘The Patients’ Participation’ Notice Board, within the surgery.  Here you will find the minutes of the last meeting and any information we think may be of use.  If you have any suggestions, comments please let us know once again via the surgery.