PPG Survey

During the month of November 2014, the PPG (Patient Participation Group) carried out a survey of the surgery’s patients to gauge their perceptions of the services offered.  The survey was carried out over a two week period, utilising both the morning and afternoon/evening surgery sessions.

Participants were asked a number of questions, which the PPG had designed. The answers given were provide by the participants on an anyonomous basis.  These have then been tabulated in the document below.

Chesterton Surgery
Patient Participation Group (PPG) Survey

The PPG carried out a 2 week survey commencing on Monday 17th November 2014 around patient’s opinions on services provided by the surgery.

The following are the results of this survey: (124 Survey Questionnaires were completed)

How did you book your appointment?

In Person                                39 = 31%
By Telephone                           78 = 63%
Other                                     7 = 6%

How long was it from booking your appointment to your actual appointment date?

Same Day                               63 = 51%
Same Week                             37 = 30%
Longer                                   24 = 19%

Were you kept waiting past your appointment time on the day you were due to be seen?

No                                          68 = 55%
Yes                                         56 = 45%

Are you satisfied with the surgery and if so why?

Yes                                         70 = 56%
No                                          34 = 28%
No Comment                              20 = 16%

The 20 participants, which equals 16% who answered “No Comment” were deemed to be satisfied with the services offered by the surgery, as no adverse comments were identified.  This figure has been added to the “Yes” figure; which therefore means that 90 participants which equals 72% of those 124 who took part are satisfied overall.

Are you aware of the extended opening times i.e. early evenings?

Yes                                         56 = 45%
No                                          68 = 55%

Comments Made Regarding Improvements:

Improving the appointment system
A water dispenser in the waiting room
GPs to run on time
Staff should not be asking what the medical problem is
More GPs

Comments around satisfaction:

Doctors and reception staff always very helpful
New Doctors are brilliant
Nurses very helpful
Newly refurbished surgery
On Line Booking of Appointments
On Line Repeat Prescription Requests

Action Plan (Following On From our Patient Participation Group Patient Survey on November 2014)

ActionCompleted ByBy WhenComments
Patient Education around how the appointment system works. Sharon (Practice Manager) will devise a patient appointments leaflet explaining the Practice’s appointment system. This will then be stapled to all repeat and daily prescriptions; Receptionists will also hand out leaflets on reception. The Patient Participation Group will display a notice on their board in the waiting room explaining the appointment system.Sharon (Practice Manager) will devise the leaflet and poster for the waiting room.Both the leaflet and the poster will be completed by the first week in January and then shown to the PPG on our first meeting in January (12th January 2015).Once the PPG have proof read the leaflet and poster the practice will implement immediately.  A further survey will be carried out in 6 months time (June) to see if improvements have been made.
 More GPs requested.The practice has employed a further locum for a 3 hour appointment session every Tuesday to address this.Dr Usman started work at the practice on Tuesday 2nd December. This is on a long term basis.Feedback from the PPG at the meeting in January.